Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Story about Today

Second full day of the conference today.
I am so conflicted about how I feel about this conference.
I am sure I am getting some good ideas.
But I have some serious misgivings about the sources of these "methods".
You see, this conference is all on biomedical intervention and "recovery".
Which means they have brought in medical professionals.
And people who know these remedies, have seen them first hand, have administered them first hand.
All of which is fantastic.
If they all didn't profit from me buying into what they are, essentially, selling me.
"This and this and this worked for my son ... and my company now sells these herbs in just the right dosage and we can help you too!"
"I have seen remarkable results in my step daughter using these methods ... and if you come to my clinic and pay us to do these tests - we'll see what we can do for you too!"
It's kinda sickening to tell you the truth.
Knowing that these professionals have a spell bound audience, who are obviously willing to go to great lengths to help their child "recover" ... How is it a great step to know you have parents willing to spend sometimes great amounts of money on YOUR products? It's not.

At these conferences at the meet and greets, the breaks ... you hear story after heart breaking story of parents so desperate to help their child. So in need of hope of someone telling them "I have what you need".

The upside on this whole conference is that I have met some really great ladies, exchanged stories, exchanged opinions, shared improvements. That, to me, makes it worth it. I love talking to other parents, hearing their stories, hearing the triumphs and hope they have. Hearing, "It gets easier."

Even when the people with all the letters behind their name are in the back ground pushing their "cures" on you.


mom said...

Oh I so agree with you. Hopefully there are comment cards at the end of the conference. This is supposed to be classes and education not a TRADE SHOW

Jenie said...

It has got to be so frustrating to go hoping for more information, etc....and end up trying to be sold on "cures"

Jenn said...

Krista, I have a HUGE respect and admiration for you and the struggle you must face on an ongoing basis being the mother of a child with autism. I'm so impressed that you are seeking different means of advice and insight and comfort. I enjoy following your blog and reading of your adventures... I really enjoy (and miss!) your sarcasm and humor! Just wanted you to know how highly I think of you and your family!