Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weather Commentary

I think the weather here in Vancouver makes the people very annoyed.
I cannot count the times I have done a small thing like held open the door a little longer for someone, or shifted my path a little bit so the oncoming person doesn't have to detour, or simply smiled at a passing person. You know what I have got in return? NOTHING. Not a thank you or a nod or a return upturn of lips. Nothing. And they all wear such dark clothes. Seriously, it's like the color has been leeched out of the city. Maybe it's just because black is "chic". But I'm starting to think it reflect their souls.
Is that a little too harsh?
Yeah maybe.
But seriously, till I walked into the Meet & Greet at the conference last night, I didn't see one up beat person other than the people who were serving me ... and essentially I was paying them to be polite to me!
I think it's because so darn cloudy here.
That'd make me angry inside too.
Actually, when I'm in Texas it does.
But come on people! You choose to live here! You can't go around mooping about something you obviously find attractive in some shape or fashion.

So to summerize - yeah, it's been over cast most to almost all the time I've been here. Drizzled and even snowed a little bit. It's been so cold I've been wearing a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a scarf, beanie touque and leather gloves with my winter jacket zipped all the way up. Brrr-frickin-eeeeer.
However, I planned to come here.
I accept the consequence of me coming to Vancouver.
It's going to be cold.
It's going to rain.
It's going to be overcast.

I think the residents need to get on the happy train and either buck up or move off.

That is all.
End of rant.
No seriously.
I'm done.

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mom said...

Ya see, thats why I could not live there. I hate cloudy gloomy, I need the sunshine, even yesterday FREEZING, but, sunny so it made everything bearable, but freezing and grey, nothing worse.