Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, my brother in law Gary reminded me of a "conversation" I had with a punk at YVR waiting to go through customs. Here's me sharing, I know you appreciate it. No need to thank me.

A guy tried to cut infront of me at YVR customs. I was having NONE of that.
"Excuse me, where do you think you're going?"
"...eeerr... to the customs officers?"
"Do you have a number I didn't hear called? or missed being posted some where?"
"Then get back in YOUR place in line."
*hear snickers behind me*
Guy hangs head, shuffles on back. Tries to get back into his vacated spot.
Couple now in that space, "Sorry guy, you moved out - you lost your place. Back of the line with you."
*Me, looking straight forward. Pressing my lips together HARD. I was not going to laugh.*
Glimpse back and realize since I got into line it had almost doubled.
Then I did it.
I lost it.
I couldn't help myself.

Then again, that was just the beginning of the rudeness I have witnessed and been exposed to here in Vancouver.
If I knew that, I probably would have laughed harder and got all of the enjoyment I could out of that moment of victory.

"Social Filters" have been talked about several times thus far in the conference.
I am starting to wonder if I have one.
If you ask my brother, Michael ... he'd say I don't have one. Like I'll explode if I don't say something once it starts festering in my brain.
I like to think if the guy had said something like,
"I have a connecting flight I am going to miss if I don't get through customs quickly"
I would have been more than obliging.
But no!
The guy just wanted to be a line-butter.

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mom said...

GOOG FOR YOU!!! I've wanted to do just that from time to time, but, I'm too chicken so I just FESTER then explode later on some poor unsuspecting friend or reative who has really done nothing other than be in the line of fire when I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!