Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Feet Hurt

Vancouver is an incredibly walkable city. I have walked myself EVERYWHERE. Stanley Park, Granville Island, Gastown, hither and thither. Where is "thither"? Down the block and to the East some. Hither is a bit harder to describe ;)
I must be tired, I'm babbling.
Onward and upward!
Started off my rip-roaring day by heading over to the much talked-up Granville Island. I thought about taking a ferry across the ... cause way(?Is that what that is?) but then I figured that'd be trickier to find than the bridges that cross it.
Which essentially was true.
However, as you cross the bridge you have to keep your directions straight or else you could possibly not take the right walk way towards the marketplace. Did that sentence make any sense?
Should I throw over writing tonight and just take this tale up another day?
And deny my readers the joy of my day to day life?
To continue ... after I found the right walk ways and underpasses and cross streets I wandered upon Granville Island. First of all, I don't think it's really an island. It's connected to Kitslano by LAND. After I got over that initial eye brow raising discovery (okay, maybe it's just me) I started to stroll the streets.
I hadn't ate yet so my first priority was FOOD.
Walked up and down the streets, looking at menus trying to find something appetizing till I found myself in the public market.
Keep in mind, I'm hungry, so this shouldn't be such a ridiculously difficult task to achieve. Find a place that serves something that I enjoy.
Maybe I haven't ate enough fruit and veggies in the last few days but I just couldn't bring myself to be enticed by any of the vendors.
I ended up eating at possibly the most expensive place on the "island" - Bridges. The food though, was ... wow. I got a simple fish and chips, cause the lobster just didn't appeal.
I hate lobster.
The batter on it was light and fluffy, just the right amount of crunch and seasoned really well. The cod itself was flaky and perfect. Even the "chips" were some of the best I've ever eaten. Well worth the $23 spent.
The market itself ... it's essentially a farmers market.
With sticker shock.
6oz of blackberries for ... brace yourself ... $10.
This must be a slow time of year for tourists though, because all of the souvenir shops were having 50-70% off sales. So I loaded up. Okay, not LOADED UP. More like a got two small bags of things for those I "left behind".
I think because I am looking at the city from the perspective of "would I bring my kids here to visit" I am looking at it from a totally different perspective than I would under normal circumstances. Thus far ... it's not a city I feel I would really like to expose my kids to. I'd bring them to Stanley Park, but that's about it. It's more of a young, hip, happening type of city. Not "bring the kids and have fun" city.
When I got back over the bridge I discovered (thank heaven for billboard clocks) that it was about time for me to head over to the first part of the Autism conference. So I trudged my way down Burrard, registered, perused a few exhibitors booths, engaged in a few conversations at the meet and greet, listened to a few awards be handed out ... then headed out to have supper.
I walked through Gastown on my way to Sitar Indian restaurant.
Saw the sites you're supposed to see - Gassy Jack and the Steam Clock.
It was dark.
The pictures turned out grainy and not impressive.
Check them out on Google by doing an image search if you're really interested.
The food was alright. Honestly, the recipe I have for Butter Chicken is better. Theirs was a little too sweet for my tastes. The Naan a little too crispy. But the service was top notch.
I stopped at a corner market on the way home and bought some fruit and veggies to try and make my insides happy again (I have a mini fridge in my suite).
Turns out I am not going to have the great food tasting experience I was hoping for here in Vancouver.
Oh well.
I came here for the conference, which promises to be very informative.
Tomorrow is the first full day.
Starts at 7:30am and runs till 10:30PM with an hour lunch break.
My brain is bracing itself.
I, on the other hand am heading to bed.
My knees hurt.
I'm a little light headed.
My fingers are starting to fumble.


Jenie said...

Sounds like you are thouroughly wearing yourself out. Hope the conference goes well.

mom said...

$23.00 for fish and chips, I would have had a heart attack!!!! No fish and chip plate is worth that. But it sounds like you're enjoying yourself and seeing lots. About your insides buy some prebiotic yogurt, makes your tummy feel soooo much better.