Saturday, February 28, 2009

Full Day

The 2009 Autism Biennial Congress was in full swing today.
This year the speakers are concentrating on biomedical treatments.
Thus far, I have took notes, considered closely what they have said and promised myself to do more indepth research on what they are advocating.
I feel some of them have to be taken with a grain of salt.
Because though they are passionate about what they speak ... I know they will profit if I buy into their method.
"Oh sure, I'd love to try your treatment ... Oh? It's only $1,500 a session? Let me just write you a check!"
There is so much hope, so much discovery, so many different stories, the diversity even within the children we are discussing ...
It is hard to muddle through to see what is best for your child with all the voices talking to you.
Not only what you are comfortable with.
But what is truly best for your child.
What in the long run is going to benefit him the most.
It's his life we're contemplating here.
Not just an interesting thing to "try out" and if we're wrong "opps!"
Or "We'll try something else"
This is his life.

It cannot be taken lightly or easily.

This evening they also played the HBO special, "Autism: The Musical". I have talked about it here before. Yet, even after watching it TWICE before hand ... I still WEPT like a little girl as I watched it tonight. Enough that people were turning slightly (trying to be discreet I assume ... or maybe checking to make sure I had a Kleenex handy) to take surreptitious looks at me. In this case, one of the ONLY cases ... I didn't care. This movie is powerful. It speaks to the heart of a mother with a child with Autism. You feel for these kids, the parents, the care givers. You love them, you hurt for them.
I'm definitely picking up a copy of that and sharing it with my family.
It is so touching.
And real.
And high emotion.

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mom said...

I really wan to watch that movie. You're so right about all the "treatments" but I know you'll research carefully.