Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Me!

What a glorious day!
To start off with - the kids didn't have school yesterday. No waking up at 7:20am to get Rhiannon ready for school. YAY! Happy Birthday, me!
Then I took a chance and took the kids to a new (to me) Japanese restaurant up in Southlake. Zen Sushi. If you're in the area, I HIGHLY recommend it! They had delicious sushi for me and a bento box my kids gobbled up. Everyone satisfied. Happy Birthday, me!
Next I took the kids to a matinee, mostly because I didn't want to go home or shopping with both of them. We took in Madagascar 2 at the second run theater (I refuse to call it the $1 theater when none of the movies cost a dollar!) It was alright ... I wasn't too into it. But better then being at home, reading a book or something. Happy Birthday, me!
The best part was next ... the Dallas Auto Show. (*sigh*) Oh how I love you, high end cars. Oh how I love you leather interiors so butter soft you encourage a caress. Oh how I love you, 12 coat finish to silky smooth you beg fingers to trail over you. Oh how I love you, price tags that are so exorbitant that it's ridiculous and obnoxious. Yeah, I'm a car snob. What's it to ya? Happy Birthday, me!
We ended the night at my favorite Mexican restaurant with some great queaso and even better fajita's. Happy Birthday, me!
Add to that birthday wishes from far and wide, phone calls from family, an offer from a friend over seas to send some of my favorite candy home to me ... Seriously, how blessed am I? Entirely.


Roeckers said...

Well I am sorry I am a day late! I am glad you felt special and treated yourself to a fun day of wining and dining!
Happy Belated Birthday to yoU!!

Dawn said...

mmmmmm, Lamborghini's, ferrari"s and Mercedes..oh my=) Glad you had a good day. Talk Jerry into that Beemer yet??;)

Krista said...

Not a BMW, Dawn! (puh-shaw!)
I covet the Mercedes R320 (to be exact).
Oh my, how my heart yearns for it ...
Used it's "ONLY" $42k. ONLY 1/4th of what my house cost. hahahahha. What a joke!

mom said...

So glad you had a great BDay and the way through