Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Went on a Walk About

I had lunch at the hotel's cafe today, since they were offering discounts for the conference attendees. Grabbed a bowl of Chowder. Alright, so "grabbing" isn't exactly representative. I ordered a bowl of soup and that alone took almost an hour and a half from seating to receiving the check. It was good soup with all sorts of in-shell goodies, fish, veggies and herbs. But the service was slooooowwww. With my discount it was only around $6. I'm willing to sit around twiddle my thumbs since I had the time to burn and it costs me A LOT less than anything else close at hand.
There was a two hour break between the last session today and another movie they were going to share, so I figured I'd go walk around Gastown again thinking maybe it'd be different in the daylight.
Funny thing about coming in late February is that even in a Saturday, it is DEAD tourist wise.
First I headed over to the waterfront to see Canada Place in more detail, since this time it was open. People watched for a while. Gave a wandering tourist (apparently I looked like I knew what I was talking about) directions. Took some pictures.
Continued on to Gastown. In and out of shops, took more pictures.Headed in the direction of my hotel ... but was slightly askew ... so I ended up in Chinatown. I did what any one would do. I wandered around there too.
Then I THOUGHT I was once again headed due ... whatever direction I thought I needed to go and ended up at BC Place. So took a look around. Photo-documented it.
Carried on.
By this point I had started wondering if I was lost.
If my sense of direction was TOTALLY off.
Which is just absurd.
I have some kind of internal gps.
Turns out I had just gone ... oh 5 blocks further north than anticipated while wandering aimlessly. And over corrected by ... say 8 blocks or so.
By the time I got back to my hotel I had walked at least 40 city blocks and was WAY too late to make it back to the Hyatt for the movie.
I guess now I'll never know why "Normal People Scare Me".

I LOVE this picture of the guys on the roof.I know they are doing a very mundane task but it just struck me as funny when I saw they were all wearing safety harnesses.
"Safety isn't funny Krista."
Sure it is when you look at the safety harnesses and realize - those guys would have hit the cement before the harnesses got to the end of the rope.
So then in my head, I'm thinking it through, "Maybe they are on work release and they are harnessed so they can't run away."
That's also absurd.
First of all the guys are all essentially using weapons to strip the tarring off the roof.
Second of all, they could strip the harnesses off as easily as they were stripping the roof.

So my only other option was the guys girl friends have them on "Guy release" time.
They've put them on leashes so they have to stay on task.

Then I started giggling inside and thinking about marketing leashes for boyfriends and husbands.

Oh how I amuse myself.

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mom said...

Oh I wish I could have been there to see that with you. Funny things are always funnier when they're shared