Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Times

On our way home from Quitman last night I was quickly fading as we were driving through Dallas ... I was tired from not much sleep the night before, an early morning and a cold that was doing a full frontal attack. The two hour drive is bo-ring and the last 30 minutes always kill me. Last night was even badder (that's not a word, is it?) than usual.
So I turned off the radio and said, "Let's play an ABC game. Name as many things as you can that start with A..."
It was actually a really fun game. They through out words I didn't think of and every now and again I'd throw in a word just to see if Ms. R would ask what it meant. AND as an added bonus - it lasted the rest of the way home.
Good times. Good times.

In other news, I've taken the kids to a couple of movies in the last couple weeks. Not a usual occurrence, it just happened that way.
The first one we went to when Dawn and Gary were still here, "Bedtimes Stories". Super cute, very amusing. Alright, so my sister summed it up to my dad as "something kids 10 and under would enjoy ... and Krista". It was a lot funner (another word I am not too sure REALLY exists) than I expected.
The other we went to on Saturday with Jerry's parents - "Hotel for Dogs". I had REALLY low expectations going in, I'd seen a few previews and wasn't impressed at all. However, my kids were DYING to see it. So, I suckered Wayne and Linda into coming with us so I wouldn't be the only one suffering ... or I could duck out if it got REALLY pathetic. I was pleasantly surprised. It was cute, a little heart warming, made me tear up a little bit. Ridiculous ending ... but it's a kid's show, so ... you know.


Dawn said...

Hey! I liked Bedtime stories and I believe the quote was "it's a 10 year old boy humor level", but 10 year old boys CAN be funny... really, a booger alien monster??? That's 10 year old boy humor;)

mom said...

Sounds like my kind of movie