Friday, February 20, 2009

Did They Survive?

Well, okay I knew my kids would survive while I was in Canada this past weekend.
It was more a question of how my house would be after me being gone for 5 days.
I guess it "helped" that Ms. R was sick for 3 of those days and not in the mood to get off the couch or out of my bed.
I came back to two fairly healthy, if a little bit dirty, kids.
And a house that wasn't trashed ... and laundry in the dryer!
Thanks, Jerry. You're fan-frickin-tastic.

Now back to packing for my Vancouver, BC trip.
Which I leave for on Tuesday.
Less than a week from when I got back from Alberta.
The organizer in me is freaking out.
More than a little bit.

At least I know my kids will still be alive and kickin' when I get back ...


Jenie said...

Don't worry, as long as the kids are well, the house including the mess will still be there when you get back:)

Dawn said...

As long as the house is still standing when I get back form trips I am happy=) Good job Jerry!