Friday, February 20, 2009

It Ran Away On Me.

(journaling entry, beware!)
Time that is. Neither of my kids, never you fear.
This past weekend I traveled (kid-less) up to Alberta, Canada (the PROVINCE directly above Montana, for those of my dear readers who are ... Canadian challenged) to witness my dad and his wife get sealed (a LDS religious ceremony. L D S! Not LSD for heaven sake!!!) and for the baptism of my sister's oldest daughter.
I was greeted at the airport by my mom and sister. We ate a very late dinner and headed out. My sister was a super pro. We were caught in a pretty severe blizzard and she just kept on chugging along. Pulling over when semi's passed, climbing her way out of the ditch when we were snow blinded, still chatting away with me ... She was a champ. In general, Dawn doesn't drive at night because she's "night blind" so for her to not only be driving at night but when it was blizzarding ... it was a feat of amazingness.
Friday my mom made me fried bread dough for breakfast. There are certain things that make you all warm and happy inside simply because they remind you of your childhood. Fried bread dough is one of those things for me. In the afternoon I jetted around with my mom shopping and whatnot in "the Bridge" then I went out to dinner with my best friend. He told me stories, I laughed. Good times.
Saturday ... was hard. Seeing my dad get sealed to someone was weird. Surreal. On a level, uncomfortable. Yes, this day was the reason I traveled up there. However, even equipped with that knowledge ... it was tough. But, as children, we want the same thing they want for us - to be happy. Doing this furthered my dad's happiness. So I am willing to be supportive of him and his choices.
Later that day we went out to supper with my mom and her husband. We'd talked about her changing careers while we were driving around, so we introduced the ideas we'd come up with to her. Felt good to know maybe we were improving her options.
It's unusual for us kids to be able to spend a lot of time together - all three of us (and their spouses), so it was a real treat to spend all day with them.
Sunday was a family dinner at my dads. Sandy, Dawn, Jenie and I got into a viscous game of Wii SuperMario Cart. Seriously - we were yelling, screeching, laughing, sweating, telling kids to "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!". It was a work out! Dad, Sandy, Jenie, Michael and I also played some Rook after Dawn (who HATES the game) took her family home. I think we were all a wee bit tired, as we were laughing like goons the whole time. My head seriously ACHED from all the laughter. (*side note* Sandy made lemon meringue tarts, especially for me. They were delicious!)
Monday was Terina's baptism. From my perspective, I think it went really well. Lots of family and friends to help her celebrate the day, her dad was able to perform the baptism, good talks, good food ... what more could a kid ask for?
That evening we went out with my dad and Sandy for dinner at Montana's at Michael's oldest request. They've changed up their menu since I was up last summer, good food!
Tuesday Michael and Jenie (for the record, her name really is Jenie Jones. Yeah, I get way too much enjoyment out of that...) dropped me off at the airport on their way home. We got to talking about the road trip I am taking this summer and they decided they are coming along (if the baby she's preggers with right now isn't a screamer). When I got home, I told Dawn about the trip ... and she's possibly coming along too.
How stinking awesome would that be? The Jones kids' doing British Columbia, the Washington, Oregon and California coast line, Nevada and Utah together ... TOTALLY awesome! We haven't had a family trip since ... I think it was back when we were teenagers and use to go to Fairmont Hot Springs. Yeah, a LONG time ago.
I didn't take any pictures this trip, but other people did. I'm hoping they send me copies ... *Not too subtle hint ...*

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Jenie said...

It was a good time being able to hang out together. I am hoping the summer works out and all of us can make the trip. It would be so much fun!