Thursday, February 5, 2009

She's a natural

It surprises me because she's so timid but she handles her horse, Sly, like she was born to it.
She loves the process of brushing him down, following the instructions on how to properly go behind him, knowing the names of all the tack she needs, making sure the girth is tightened the right amount (no one likes riding on a slant, do they?), leading him out to the mounting area, takes immense pride in knowing how to reign him correctly ...
I'm glad she's enjoying it so much, because the boy still gives me grief every lesson.
Doesn't want to touch the horse, the tack, the grooming equipment, won't lead, or reign, or ...
But he always insists he wants to ride.
Until he's been on for 5 minutes.
Then he's done.
5 minutes worth of enjoyment IS NOT worth what we're paying.


Dawn said...

These are those boots=) Go get em' girl!

Gary said...

They match Grandma Char's pink boots :)

mom said...

Two comments - one - LOOSE THE MUSIC its distracting when I'm reading.
Two- way to go Rhiannon, maybe she can teach me some things. I think I'm gonna take a couple of lessons, but, I'm gonna wait a month or two till it gets a little warmer, the lady has an indoor arena,BUT, no heat in it.

Oh one more comment, I LOVE MY PINK BOOTS!!!!