Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maturity Level? 6.

Yesterday was a big day.
Horseback riding lessons, lunch at an outdoor play place, work out, supper, pool.
In the midst of all the running around I forgot that there was going to be a Daddy/Daughter dance at 6pm at my gym.
Big deal in general? No.
Except when you have a little girl who would really really really love to go.
So as we're taking a few minutes to eat dinner in between working out and pool time at the gym's cafe she notices all these little girls dressed to the nine's walking in with their daddies who are also looking fine in their suits. Seriously, dudes who work out AND look confident in suit jackets and ties? Come on!
Big eyes round as saucers look at me beseechingly, "Why is it only Daddy and daughters? Why can't Mommies take their daughters? Or maybe why didn't MY Daddy take ME?"
*sigh* "Well, did you even ask your Dad to take you?"
Scrunches up face, "No, I forgot. Why didn't YOU ask him?"
Raises eyebrow, "Honey, I'm not in charge of asking your dad for things you want to do. If you wanted to go that badly, you should have asked him. It's not my fault you forgot."
Yep. That's me, being really mature.


Roeckers said...

Mothers are only human, the sooner they figure that out the easier it would be on us!

mom said...

Oh, that hurts my heart.