Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whacha Do Today, Krista?

Many, many things.
Like one thing.
But it took me a really long time to do it.
Today was my "free day" before the Autism conference starts tomorrow (did I mention that's the reason I'm in Vancouver at all? No? Oh, well... it is.) I decided because I had no kids in tow, I'd go take in the Vancouver Aquarium. An odd choice for an adult you may think. If you think that, you don't know me very well.
I love watching animals. I can do it for hours. I have done it for hours. Today was no exception.
After discussing the "best" tourist-type way to walk there (the Sea Wall) with the ever helpful front desk guy, David (seriously, when I get home, I'm writing Comfort Inn a letter of recommendation for the guy. He's been SUCH a huge help!) I headed out.
I walked in a zig zag type of path, seeing Simon Fraser University, Canada Place, people petitioning for "Stop Bullying Day" and "Amnesty International", more joggers than a non-morning person can bear to deal with, funny house boats (about this point, I was really annoyed with myself for forgetting my camera back in my hotel room), silly dogs, talked to a local who said the aquarium was going to be a waste of my time and money(told him I had both to burn, haha), stopped and watched a few float planes land (I'm obviously easily amused) and finally made it to the aquarium.
I came to the conclusion about 20 minutes into my tour the local guy I talked to obviously isn't a nature lover. It's a small aquarium compared to mega-hits like SeaWorld but it boasts some fun exhibits. I've come to the conclusion that if I were to buy some sea horses (can you even buy them? I have to look into that...) I'd never get any work done around my house. Or possibly even leave my house again. For some reason I find them to be the most FASCINATING creatures. There was bullying, flirting, clowning, dozing ... It was mesmerizing to watch. The pygmy marmosets, seal lions, harbor seals, turtles, jelly fish, sea otters, dolphins, Beluga whales ... they were all great too. All in all, I spent three HOURS there.
After that I grabbed some lunch at a Japanese place (cause I've never been to Japan, haha) called E-Hwa. Not bad. I got a Shrimp Tempura Bento box that was pretty decent and the service was outstanding. The thing I am finding most disconcerting about eating out here is there is no refills on your pop. It's like I'm in New York. It's just so ... so ... wrong. You have the carbonation, pour me another one, Sonny! *sigh* I guess all I really need is one, anyway.
I then trolled down town, popping into random Canadian shops, simply because I could. Heck, all day I had no idea what time it was! It was ... weird.
By the time I lugged myself back into my room I'd been out and about for almost 7 hours. That's a long time to do ONE thing.
Good thing I paced myself.
Hate to over do it ;)


Jenie said...

Sounds like a great day!

The Bui's said...

I will not surrender to the jelousy, I WILL NOT! It kills me that you are so close to where I live right now. sigh!

mom said...

sound like a super day, the weather must be passable you haven't mentioned it.

Dawn said...

I can't believe you didn't take your camera!!!