Friday, November 7, 2008

You're. Kidding. Me.

Just click.
Seriously, I love the series, but when have you gone just a bit too far?
Oh yeah ... when you're having a Volturi Masque Ball.
Or when you have a band called "The Bella Cullen Project".
Or ... nevermind.
I don't want to bash those who are going. But seriously, how do people become that obsessed with something?


gingela5 said...

HAHA! I love it! I love the books (haven't read the last yet) but I don't think i'd ever go to that. But I guess-never say never! haha

Lump said...

it's kind of like Star Trek and Star Wars conventions. haha!

Becka said...

Agreed. I asked a friend when the movie comes out and she looked at me with disgust and told me I obviously wasn't a real fan. LOL. I guess not. They were good, but not THAT I kind of think Edward is a little too....mushy for me. Dude, I'm married to Ben....mushy lovey-feeling-type stuff does not happen frequently over