Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exit Pollster

Back before the preliminary voting took place a lady at church asked me if I would be interested in being an Exit Pollster. Being a Canadian and not exactly "hip" on what "goes down" in the United States so far as voting goes I asked her for an explanation of what the job would entail.
Essentially an exit pollster is someone who stations themselves outside places people are voting at (the company tells you where to go, you don't just go out and pick one), catches random people as they pass and ask them if they would mind filling out a short confidental survey which is then forwarded onto a certain company at various intervals through out the day. That company in turn sells that information to all the news groups in the world - besides Comedy Central, as a 17 year old pointed out to me yesterday. Comedy Central apparently gets their information from another, more reliable source: Steve Colbert's mind. Riiiight.
I approached the opportunity a little bit apprehensively. I didn't know how the election officials would receive me, how interested people would be in participating, if I would have to sit outside ... All sorts of worries assailed me. However, there was absolutely no problem, infact, it was an enjoyable experience. Everything from the election officials, to the voters, to the location. My mom was even here during that time, so she was able to watch my kids for me and I didn't have to stress about that.
I was called up again by Edison/Mitofsky early in September wondering if I would be interested in working election day. I once again agreed, though for some reason, I was nervous. New situations and wondering how people will receive me always kind of freaks me out. Even if I cannot control that.
The procedure was exactly the same this time around as last except I was at a different location. A very upper class location. You have to know I was eyeing up 7/8th of the vehicles that sat in that church parking lot. Infact, one of them caused me a moment of sassiness. I will willingly admit the sassiness was brought on by my love of the car not the tidy looking gentleman that was driving the dream.
So he pulls up in my love, my dream, my yearning the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG V(frickin)8. *slurps ... pulls tongue back into mouth* as he emerges from car. However my eye keeps on drifting over to it even as he approaches the building.
"Nice afternoon" the kindly man comments.
"Nice car" the drooling girl replies.
"Yes, it is a nice piece of workmanship"
"Haven't driven any better" *huge grin*
*he takes his turn eyeing up the salivating girl, possibly hesitating ... wondering if his piece of perfection will be there when he finishes voting*
Smiles nervously.
Hot foots it in.
Alright, he didn't really eye ball me, even though I probably was salivating. Noticeably.
Anyway, it was a beautiful day, I was able to set up right out side the set of doors all the voters were exiting out of, the voters and election officials were all very pleasant and accommodating. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. This time I even remembered to take my allergy medication before I left in the morning. So you'll be pleased to know I didn't rush home and puke all over the place like I did last time, mom. Yep, smart thinking on my part.
However, because of my nervousness, I only get about an hour of sleep ... so pretty much I walked in the house, grabbed a bowl of cereal and crashed hard core before 8pm last night.
This morning I woke up to my house completely and totally trashed. Toys, bedding, food, crayons ... EVERY WHERE *sigh* It was a nice day out but I am not sure the price is worth what I got paid.


Roeckers said...

Thats how I feel coming home from work almost every night! Was the price worth it?!

That sounds like a fun thing to do. Once the kids are all in school I think I will look in to volunteering for such a job ;P I am a little nosy and would love to have the inside scoop before everyone else.

Lump said...

very nice car indeed. I would have been drooling too. ;)

Krista said...

I drove one from Philadelphia to Atlantic City a while back ... the friend who was with my likened my response to the car to a sexual experience. TMI?

Brea said...

Oooh, exit pollster. Very exciting. What a lovely thing to put on a resume one day. :) We had fun on election day, too. All was much more mild that we feared, and it was truly a lot of fun. Met new people, learned some stuff. I think of worse ways to spend a day, especially since I'm getting paid!!