Friday, November 7, 2008

Caramel Pecan Pie

Every Thanksgiving Jerry's mom writes out a loooong list of things to be consumed on turkey day. After carefully inspecting the list a dozen or so times, she carefully doles out food bringing/making responsibilities. After she "caught me" making mashed potatoes from potato flakes one year (WHAT?!?! I LOVE THEM! I find them rich, creamy and deliciously right in so many ways) many years ago, I have been delegated to the "Costco" items list (veggie platter and pumpkin pie). I've tried to be a radical some years, when I'm feeling really rebellious, to bring an extra pie that I make from scratch. This however means I come home with the extra pie I have made. No seriously, I do. The extra pie that wasn't on "the list" doesn't even get touched. That's a lie. There was the one year Wayne snuck a piece under the radar ... but only once and only one piece. Which means I bring home an entire pie. Just for me. Not good. Not good at all. Especially when it's this pie. Lord, have mercy ... why do you hate my metabolism? Why can't I be skinny and laugh in the face of calories? Or if you couldn't have blessed me with that trait; at least with self control. Just a little. So this year, I will be smart and only bring the items on the designated list.
You however, should try it out. Unwrapping all those caramels is tedious and time consuming but oh so worth it. If you have kids, put them to work doing it. They usually stop eating them after 5 or 6 and you still have enough left in a package for the pie.


Lump said...

what? I love those kind of mashed potatoes! I will never let food go untouched. You can make me that pie anytime. haha!

mom said...

that pie would be simple too sinfull, I'D LOVE IT

Dawn said...

Unwrapping each caramel is for punks, just buy the bag of Kraft Caramel bits at the grocery store. Then it is just easier to have all those extra calories=)