Monday, November 3, 2008


Is what I am. I cannot help it. When I am sitting in the hallway at night repeatedly telling B-Man to "Get back into bed", "Lay and and shut your eyes!", "No, you may not have some juice, but you can go to sleep!" I find myself scrolling through other peoples blogs. When I am done with that, I start wandering through the blogs of others they have listed and so on and so forth. I almost always find someone interesting to read about. Maybe that's because I am easy to appease. Maybe I'm too bored for my own good. I like to consider myself a lover of people's lives.
Tonight I clicked upon a blog of a friend who wrote this:
"As Canadians, we have very little interest in the personal lives of our leaders. I remember a political culture class I took in University (in Canada). Our professor started the first class by asking us who the president of the United States was. We answered. Then he asked what the president's wife's name was; if he had any children and their names; where he was from; what he named his dog; and where he went to University. We, as a class, were able to answer all of these questions correctly. Then the Professor asked us who the Prime Minister of Canada was. We answered. Then he proceeded to ask us the same questions about our Prime Minister as he asked about the US president. After the question about the his wife's name, we were stumped. We had no idea where he was from, if he had children or even if he had a dog. I think it is because Canadians are fairly private people and we respect the privacy of others. It is rare that a politician's personal life makes it on the evening news. But here in the United States, the personal life seems to be just as important as the candidate's stand on the issues." The Samples Sampler.
How WAY too true is her statement? I indeed know all those answers about the current president as well as the two candidates. You know what else I know about them all? Their favorite sport, food, drink, bow many siblings each has, religious affiliations, ancestry ...
We, as a people know WAY too much.

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