Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Think You're So Smart

I am starting to think I'm well on my way to earning my "Most Gullible" award.
I get alerts from American Airlines sporadically alerting me to weekend deals for tickets they haven't been able to sell. A few times I've taken advantage of the deals, not because I had any particular want to go to the place on sale ... but the deal was too good for me to pass up. I can always find something fun to do in a new city for a few days.
Last week I was sent an email stating that they were having a seat sale on tickets up to Calgary, Alberta for $158. My eyes all but bulged out of their sockets. $158?!?! Go visit my family for a weekend for $158? No frickin' way! I quickly clicked through the process till the last page.
Oh how you burnt me AA. Oh how you burnt me.
Not till the summary page do you find out that it was $158 each way.
Darn you and your wily ways.


gingela5 said...

Ohh I hate STUFF like that! You would think they would SPECIFY that from the get-go. Jerks! :)

The Bui's said...

Goof Ball. Nuff Said!