Monday, November 10, 2008

She's a Tooth Removing Power House

Friday night as we were enjoying our "spend the evening in mom's bed" night Ms. R mentioned that another one of her top teeth was loose. I checked the tooth and it barely budged. She asked if she could go get a napkin to help her in the wiggling process, to be a good sport, I agreed. Yeah, I'm cool like that.
Fifteen minutes later I look over and she's still cranking away on that tooth. I shake my head and go back to explaining every clip that played during AFV to B-Man.
Five minutes after that, there is blood drooling everywhere. The napkin, her under shirt, the pillow case.
She proudly hold up the tooth, like a hard won prize then turns to me with a still bloody VERY gaping smile. Lovely.
Tooth count - 8 missing, only 2 returning thus far. It's starting to make me wonder how she's going to eat if they don't start growing back in.


Dawn said...

Now that's determination!

Brea said...

I so did that when I was about her age. I was obsessed with getting all my baby teeth out (I don't remember why ...), and I started making them loose and messing with them till they fell out. Probably too early, but never had any problems from it. :)

And to how she'll eat ... that's what molars are for! Have no fear, the girl won't starve.


Roeckers said...

WOW !! Liza turns 7 next week and not a one looks like it is ready to move. The dentist told me possibly by teh end of this year. And there is no way she would wiggle the thing all night long to get it out, we are going to have to pull it out while she sleeps, Liza is such a wuss!!!

Lump said...

she really wanted that tooth out! haha!

gingela5 said...

Wow good for her! I used to use my tongue to get mine out.

mom said...

for being a girly girl she sure is tough

Michelle said...

Hey Krista!
I read you blog everyday!!!!It's awesome!!

Ya today wasn't a good day! I was in SHOCK at the "people" I ran into. I finally had to laugh b/c it was soooo insane! I really am a nice person, honestly.LOL! I just figure people try to pull crap sometimes b/c they feel they can and when someone beats them at their own game they get back a little of what they give.
The other day we were at Costco and the fries Bill ordered were really cold and gross so he says to me, "You go and ask them to get us fresh fries, your good at being a b----.'
I'm pretty good at standing up for myself and I can get nasty if I have to but it takes a lot to get me there.