Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun Run

Today was the 2nd annual Coyote Fun Run at Ms. R's school. It's much like the bike-a-thon we had every year at R.I. Baker when I was in Jr. High ... Except the kids are prohibited from going door to door to collect monies (dude, we live in a big city not a town of 2,500) and they ran a course over and over and over and ... instead of from way out in the country into the school. Sooo ... what's the same is all the money collected goes directly to the school and the kids do exercise to earn it. Practically the same thing.


mom said...

Little Miss "O I can't walk another step(she's gone 10)" is running how far? And she looks like she'e having a ball

Krista said...

Don't be mislead mom, this year little miss was a pathetic, wimpy runner. We're chalking it up to her being too hot to run in those shaggy baggy (pj) pants. The two shots I got of her running were at the VERY beginning of the run.
She was much better at finding kids that had fallen during the run, picking them and walking with them.