Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Idea or Two

I've known basic sign language since I was a kid. My mom and sister both took an evening class at the local college and were very proficient in it. They looked beautiful as their hands went flying and I wanted to be just like them. Needless to say, I didn't master it nearly as well as they did. Infact, to this day, I keep my signs to a minimum.
However, a few years ago when Ms. R started PPCD and they introduced ASL to her as another way to communicate, I put my head back into it and introduced myself to a few more basic signs to keep up with her.
She's whip smart at figuring out words when we're reading, but has a hard time with figuring out how to spell the same words she's just read. One of the ways I have found to bring it home to her is have her sign out the letters as she's saying them.Another is this site. She thinks it's fun to be using my computer as a homework tool and interacting with the words in ways I had not thought of previously.
I also discovered the week that we spent driving back and forth to east Texas twenty times (okay, okay! Twice, but it FELT like twenty) that my kids love audio books. It doesn't even seem to matter what the book is about, they just like to hear the sound of the narrators voices. So lately we've heard more chapter books than I've read, which is a great thing. B-Man even complains when I turn on the radio and not a book ... which has kind of disconnected me from the "real world" but who needs the real world when you have books? Have I mentioned lately how much I love the North Richland Hills Public Library? I do. I really I really do.


Lump said...

oooh my second grade teacher was a sign language teacher "on the side" too. heh. She taught us a lot! I can still do the alphabet! :)

mom said...

I loved Sign Language. It was just hard to keep it up with ono one to practice with. Good for you Miss R

gingela5 said...

I love watching people sign. There is a signer at the front of my church every Sunday and sometimes I find myself just watching her!

The Nice One said...

You know...I should get Audio Books more. I need to go FIND our nearest library.
I used sign language when Boy Child had no expressive communication. For a year or so he was so proficient in sign it was awesome. Now...he's lost it all. ;(