Monday, November 24, 2008

That'll Teach It

Friday evening I was hauling garbage out to the garage and the cat followed me in there. After a few minutes of trying to wiggle it out of an impossibly small spot, I left it in there, figuring it'd possibly learn a lesson if I left it in there over night.
The next morning I called for it with no response. "Eh," I thought, "it'll cry at the door or something if it wants back in. Maybe it's busy doing something useful for once, like catching mice." (For the record, we don't have mice, I was just being obnoxious.)
Last night, belatedly, I noticed the cat still wasn't inside the house. Haha. Opps. It was a mistake, I swear! I went out into the garage, called out to it again with no response. I noticed the ladder to the attic was down, headed over there and peeked up. The cat is sitting on the edge opening and closing it's mouth like it's meowing ... but I think he'd meowed himself out, because he was making no noise at all. So I climbed up the ladder and attempted to haul the cat back down with me cradled in my arm. It was having NO part in that. Scratching, back arching, furiously reaching towards the wooden floors of the attic. I'm not about to get tetanus for this cat, so I put it back down. It huddled up, meowing silently at me, giving me pathetic looks. I cast my eyes about and found it's kennel, struggled with the cat again and trudged it back down the ladder.
It's shown it's gratitude by sitting this close to me ever since. That is not a close up, infact I had to move my head back a little to make the focus on the phone a little less fuzzy. The experience must have scared it a bit, because it's been shedding like no ones business. Which I just LOVE ... all that cat fur drifting over my face and up my nose. Bleach!
Punk cat.


Gary said...

It takes a brave woman to admit to animal abuse/neglect on the internet :)

Krista said...

for the record, I was not ABUSING the cat. It CHOSE to go out in the garage and stay out there.
I DID bring it back in ... and even fed it!

mom said...

Its ok Krista our cat got into the shed one time, I didn't know it was in there for TWO days. We thought maybe a coyote got it. Then I went into the shed and SURPRISE the cat ran out. Also not my fault.

Lump said...

that's not as bad as my brother shutting the garage door on my cat when we were younger. haha! I was devastated.

Becka. said...

Love it. Made my day. Even if I really don't like cats. LOL. You are so funny.

Brea said...

Ha! Way to teach that cat a lesson!