Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Play Day

A lady who recently moved into my ward needed a babysitter for her son this week because she was heading out of town for a teaching/conference type thingy. She initially booked Jenna, but their family decided to head down to the Alabama Gulf Coast. So I offered to take over the job because, as Jerry says, I'm a sucker. I don't think I'm so much a sucker as being willing to help out others when they are in tight spots.
The baby is right around 17 months. I had TOTALLY forgotten what it was like to have a baby around. They are so ... full of tears, so unable to do things for themselves, so into every thing, so putting every thing in their mouth-ish ... Today he was coming down with something because he was intensely cranky. Unless I was holding him, he was crying. I had apparently put that memory out of my head too. His dad came by early to pick him up; which, I admit, I was a little grateful for. I wasn't losing my patience, but my arms ached.
Hazel and her four girls came over this afternoon for a play day. It's always awesome to have them over, her girls play really well with my kids. No fights, no tears. Just fun for the kids and a lot of time to chat for Hazel and I. As we were going our separate ways her parting comment to me was, "Thanks Krista, talking with you is better than going to a psychologist..." Which made me laugh. I've always known I was good at talking but my listening skills have never been praised. Not that I'm not a good listener ;)


Anonymous said...

you really are a good listener and by the time you're a gramma you appreciate babies even when they need to be held all the time, especially then. Sounds like you need to have Hazel over more often if possible L mom

Jenie said...

You always cheer me up when I talk to you too. Yeah babies are definitely work.