Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have you ever

... forgot about one of your kids?
This morning after B-Man had tried to take a chunk out of Ms. R's arm,
I sternly reprimanded him (over Ms. R's screeching) and sent him to his room - intending to go get him in 1/2 hour. I know it seems like a long time - but it was either that or smack him silly. That's how angry I was at him. He did it totally unprovoked. Me. Livid. Him. Still alive because I sent him away from me.
However, I got busy doing laundry, dusting, straightening ... you get the idea. An hour later I think, "The house is awful quiet, I wonder what the kids are doing ... CRAP!" Haha. Fortunately I store most of the kids books in B-Man's room. So he was juts laying there quietly looking through one of his animal books. Really, not much of a punishment if you ask me. Next time I'll put him in a corner, then maybe I won't forget him - and he won't have the opportunity to enjoy his time out.


mom said...

LOL I've done that!!! And I've felt ripped off when the punishement isn't a punishment, Like when Kids smile or laugh, very maddening

TinaLaRae said...

dang that looks like it hurt bad. I've done the same, sent a child away for a time out, forgot them and then found them later asleep in their room.

Dawn said...

Well, being a perfect mother, I have NEVER forgotten my child (are my pants smoking???lol)...I just smack them right away;=) Poor little Rhiannons arm=(

Jenie said...

I forgot Emma in timeout the other day too.