Monday, March 10, 2008

Pizza Night

I'm diligently trying to start random traditions with my kids, as I think they are important. I like the feeling they invoke in me as I reflect back on my childhood; I'd like to give my children this same gift.
Therefore, I recently started a new tradition - Pizza Night. You know, the old stand by. Buy all the pizza fixings and let the kids make them themselves, delight in the process of deciding what they want on it, ect. Both my kids are generally under foot as I am making supper, because obviously mom is doing the funnest thing IN THE WORLD. So having a night when it's all about them making their own supper is really fun for all of us ... and easy on me ;)


Jenie said...

I love pizza night! By the way I tagged you on my blog...check it out to copy the rules and the questions.

Dawn said...

"random traditions" isn't that an oxymoron? Pizza night is a good one although it just isn't the same without MILK with the pizza. Gary thinks I'm crazy but for some reason I just can't serve JUICE when we have pizza, it has to be milk. Michael and Krista will understand;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dawn . Pizza and milk are just the way it should be. Pizza night is a GREAT idea. The kids always love to make there own L mom