Friday, March 21, 2008


Jerry's mom, Linda Kay, is such an oddity to me because she is so full of blatant contradictions. Maybe more people in my acquaintance are - I just notice it the most in her because I associate closely with her quite frequently. For all my head shaking at her and her ways, I love her. She is kind hearted, generous, thoughtful, fun to be with, willing to ally herself with an idea even when she knows it's the "wrong" side to take. Linda never does anything in a grandiose type way, that would hint that you should be grateful for what she is doing for you. More matter of fact and is always so flustered when you notice what she has done.
This afternoon as I was unpacking my bag here at their place in Quitman I happened to glance over at a bedside stand in my room. It has a few random nick knack type items on it - along with a teddy bear I gave her in way of sharing the surprise of my pregnancy with Ms. R. It's just your regular run of the mill teddy with a sweater proclaiming, "I (heart) Grandma". I remember the look on her face as she sat across the table from me and pulled it out of the gift bag, puzzled ... astonished ... then pure glee. She was so excited for us! That was the first time I felt anything but apprehension since I discovered I was pregnant. She was the first person to express true delight over the pregnancy. Because of the strained situation surrounding Jerry and I at the time - which, I admit, Linda was not aware of ... but my family was - there had not been the same excited reaction from my family. Or myself for that matter. It was more, "Oh, baby ... what have I brought you into?"
I am so blessed to have her in my life and the lives of my kids. She dotes on all of us ... especially Ms. R. I love having her live only a couple hours away, so I can have a close relationship with her and Ms. R gets to grow up with a granny she can paint her finger nails with, winningly convince to buy her ridiculous items her mother would never consider, snuggle and watch musicals with... among numerous other things I never had the opportunity to experience.

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