Friday, March 28, 2008

2 Hours & $20

On Monday my aunt Viv sent me a message saying she and my aunt Val were coming to Dallas for a convention on Tuesday and asked how close I was. I've had a few relatives come to Texas - but none of them have come to a city within four hours of where I live. So when I discovered they were going to be coming to Dallas - which is practically next door, I exctiedly informed her that I am only about 30 minutes from down town Dallas.
The aunts called me Wednesday to find out what my schedule was, I shuffled a few things around and said I could be over there within an hour. They gave me the address they were given on their reservation and I scrambled to run over to their hotel. Before I left they had said they were going to grab something to eat while they were waiting for me, so when I got to the address they had given me I didn't think much of it. Figured they'd had to go to a restaurant a little further away than they anticipated, got a slow server ... something. After waiting for 45 minutes, making several trips to the room, asking the front desk to call their room with no dice. I gave up. Hoping they had ran into someone interesting to talk to at supper or something, I headed home. Moments after I walked in the door, I get a call. It's the aunts asking where I am. I explain where I had been and they are like, "Oh... we're staying at ..." They had apparently got an upgrade to the sister hotel beside the hotel I had been waiting in. They had read off the address to the hotel they had their initial reservation with, not the one they were staying in. *sigh* (one hour in traffic ... and $10 in gas)
Yesterday afternoon they call me again to see what I was doing before 8pm. I was supposed to be going to a dinner for parents with Autistic children, but Jerry had failed to get the tickets (which I was not aware of till I asked him about it yesterday afternoon when I heard him making plans for the evening). So I already had a babysitter lined up ... and a couple hours to burn. So I told them I was going to stop by the place where the dinner was happening to see if I could slip in, but would give them a call around 6:15 to let them know what was happening. As it turned out I was unable to get into the dinner, so I called them on my way into Dallas. I was unable to get in contact with them on either the hotel phone or aunt Viv's cell - but figured they were out by the pool ... or something. So I headed on in ... checked at the front desk to make sure they were indeed checked into this hotel, knocked on their door, called aunt Viv's cell phone again, checked the hotel restaurant, went out by the pool. No dice. I waited till I had to be home for the babysitter, wrote the aunts a note and headed home. (one hour in traffic ... and another $10 in


Jenie said...

That sucks!

Dawn said...

Krista, half the time those two can't figure out where they are...not surprising they couldn't tell you where to find them=( Lots of wasted time though..I agree with Jenie.

TinaLaRae said...

I must say you're a great niece!

mom said...

What a waste, I agree with Jenie that sucks and its hurtful too, I thinfk they should have put forth more of an effort