Saturday, March 29, 2008

Autism: The Musical

This special aired on HBO this week ...

(If you plan to watch it, plan to have some tissue on hand)

I know I will always be sensitive towards this topic because of the obvious, but it still stuns me to realize how deeply things like this special move me. To feel the tears welling up and pouring down my cheeks in rivers as I hear other parents echoing my sentiments. See other people struggling with the same issues I do. Knowing, even in this, I am not alone.

To see bits and pieces of your child represented in other infinitely unique and special children.
To know other children are going through, have gone through and will continue to carry on the same as your child.
Is heart breaking.

There is one line in particular in this documentary I object to venomously, it's uttered by one of the children's care takers. She says, "... it really breaks my heart when I kind of realize, wow... if he wasn't Autistic, you can just imagine the possibilities". If I were that child's mother - I'd find him another care taker. SHE may just be the one holding him back *mutters a curse word in her general direction*.

Boy #1: "You are very smart!" (after listening to boy #2 talk about reptiles)
Boy #2: "Thanks! I always wanted to hear that..."

Mom: What does Autism mean?
Daughter: It means something is damaged inside you

Mom: It makes me feel scared. It makes me feel responsible. It makes me feel ... sad.

Another: I want the world to welcome her and they don't ... I can try to enlighten them; but I cannot make them respect her.

Father: I always try to dream up a scenario for the future. I'm gone and she's going to be okay because ... what? What did I do now to make sure that's going to happen?

Boy: (the first words he's able to communicate, at 11 years old, via a typing voice box)
"Mom, I'd like to put you on the spot."
"Be more of a listener."


mom said...

I'm gonna watch it I'll be back. The caregiver should be SMACKED

Krista said...

It's about an hour and a half ... be ready to get comfortable.
And cry.

mom said...

its just the interview on the site unless I'm looking at the wrong place. I'll try again

mom said...

I found where to watch the film but a message comes up to say you cannot watch the film outside the US

Dawn said...

Yeah, you can't get US TV downloads up here...could you put it on a disk for us Krista??