Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bella at Midnight

I was surfing through some other people's blogs the other day and one of people's blog I read had posts of books the author had read as she read them along with her review of the book. I think this is a great way to learn more about people, as well as a fantastic way to find new books. Obviously if you know the person, you'll know if you're going to like the kind of books they read or not.
I started picking up random books at Rhiannon's library while I was shelving a while back and mentioned to the librarian that I would love to borrow a few, as they seemed really good. She was more than delighted to open me my own account (which I didn't have to have my picture taken for ...) so I could take out books when ever I wanted.
On Thursday I borrowed the book "Bella at Midnight". I liked the write up and thought it would be a fun little book to read - remember, Rhiannon's school only goes up to the fifth grade. However, I quickly found myself deeply involved in
this book.
About a knights daughter who is sent to live with peasants in the (possibly) 18th century and the ramifications of the choices she and those around her have on events. It's a really good book, a lot better than I was expecting. The author introduced words that I haven't read in adult books about this time era. From here on in, I will place an asterisks beside the entries that are entirely about books, so you can skip them if you'd like.


Jenie said...

Book posts are a great idea.I am really in need of a good book to read.

Anonymous said...

great idea cuz I don't have the patience to look for new books but I love the ones you girls read. Thanks honey L mom