Friday, March 21, 2008

*The Pilot's Wife*

I found this book in the most unusual (for me) way - browsing through the clearance rack at 1/2 Price Books. I have been very determined lately to read more than romance novels. Not that I have turned my back on romance novels altogether, of course. They are my reward for reading a "different" kind of book. Ones that I am not embarrassed by the embracing couple on the cover and have to hide when I am in public. Though this was on "Oprah's Book Club" list - which means by principle I wouldn't generally ready it, the theme of the book intrigued me.

"How do you ever know you know a person?" is the general theme echoed throughout this book. The question many people probably ask themselves every day in interactions they have with others is hit head on in this interesting book. This story follows a woman after she discovers the plane her husband was piloting exploded over the ocean. How she deals with the information that develops from him not being able to manage his life anymore... essentially.

I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, with vivid imagery and interesting characters.

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mom said...

did you just finish this book? It's 1:50 AM don't you know thats when you're suppposed to be asleep. I'll try the bookits sounds interesting.