Monday, May 28, 2007


My in laws ward holds an annual "Fish Fry" every Memorial Day weekend. This year, I figured I'd head out there with the kids to partake, even though I am not a huge fan of fish at all.
We arrived early in the afternoon while Wayne was still in the process of mowing the 2 acres they live on. B-Man got over his fears and climbed on with Grandpa, turns out he LOVES riding on the lawn mower. Wayne is sure in a few years he'll be ready to do it himself.
The fish fry itself was good. There was a lot of baked beans, potato salad and desserts. The fish were battered and fried - they were remarkably good. The place they held it also has a great playground, so the kids played there for hours.
When we got back to Wayne and Linda's the kids were covered in dust and dirt from the playground. So I put some water and bubbles in the utility tub they have in the shop and tossed the kids in there. Ms. R thought she was hilarious, placing the bubbles on her face like a beard and what not.Linda wants to buy Ms. R a new bedroom set for her birthday, so I stopped by IKEA, Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go on our way home. I think I found the perfect set at IKEA. We'll have to see what Linda and Ms. R think though.
When we were out in Quitman I mentioned to Wayne that I want to finish tiling the kids bathroom this week by myself, just to show Jerry it can be done in less than 6 years. He asked me what I'd need to expedite that process, so I said I needed a scrapper to take up the carpet glue and what not that is on the cement. He lent me a fantastic little tool that made quick work of it. So now that is done I just have to start laying the tiles. Here is essentially the pattern I am going with. After taking a look at the pattern I am going with, Wayne commented that I never do things the easy way (all tiles the same size, laying in one direction).


Jenie said...

Looks like you have been having fun! I like the bathroom floor, it looks great.

mom said...

Looks good Krista, wish I were there to help you

Krista said...

I wish you were here to help me too mom! Between the two of us, I'm sure we could figure out that darn tile saw!