Friday, May 11, 2007


It has recently come to my attention (thank you, Gary) that I probably don't give gratitude where gratitude is due often enough.
My sister, Dawn, is - as I have mentioned before - the hub of our family. I know she loves being in the middle of it all. Knowing what is going on with who, where people are, what is going to happen next - she loves it. We count on her to keep us all connected. Nothing slips past her, or if it does - it's not because she has let it slip.
However, because of this "hub" status and her willingness to be there - I think I probably took her hospitality for granted while I was in Canada this last time.
When she offered to have my daughters birthday party at her place ... I was grateful and glad because if she hadn't offered, I'd have been put in the awkward position of having it at one of my parents place. When I ran DREADFULLY late (I'm never late, I HATE being late...), she and Gary put up balloons and a poster so her place would look more festive. Being in a bit of a tizzy, I neglected to show or tell her properly how much I'd appreciated them opening up their home to us and all those I brought along.
When I wanted to hang out with her and others, I'd just head to her place - knowing she'd at least pretend it was alright while I was there. We learned how to be martyrs from the best ;)
Too often I just feel relationships are a give and take, with few words needing to be said because those involved know how much what they are doing for others means to those being done. Too often, I may neglect to let others - such as my sister - HEAR or READ how I am feeling.
So as a some what public apology, I'd like to put it down here that I appreciate all that Dawn does for me. All that she has done. All the sacrifices, emotionally, socially, physically that she may have given for me without acknowledgement. Know that even if I am not fully aware of all that you have given or shared, I am thankful. I love you tremendously.

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gary said...

Just as long as you know how much we really appreciated you helping out with the kids as we were going warp speed in every direction.

It was fun having you over even when you weren't babysitting for us. "You're welcome by my campfire anytime..."