Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mind of Her Own

Ooookay, I get that the colors in the top and bottom are the same. I get it! But will someone please tell me that this combination is baaaad?!?
Ms. R has taken it upon herself to want to do everything herself. Picking out her clothes, pouring her cereal/milk, buckling her seat belt... I know, she's almost 5. It's about time, it just seems like it's all of the sudden.
Yesterday we were talking about something or other and she gave me this look that I swear I will be getting from her in 10 years. A tolerating look that spoke volumes. Her eyes were simply arresting. All I could do was swallow and try not to smile back at her.

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TinaLaRae said...

This is totally normal in our house! Pacey would pick the very same clothes as would Laina. I would always make them change but as of a few months ago I just let them wear it. It could be worse, mini skirts and tube tops.