Friday, May 25, 2007

Bragging Rights

Most moms, when writing that title, would be starting in on a blog about their kids. Not this mom. No siree bob! This entry is dedicated to my newest, greatest, sweetest babysitter.
Wednesday Jerry suggested we go out on a date this evening and suggested I find a babysitter. We've used varying babysitters over the years, mostly we've used a daughter of a friend of Jerry. They, however, live almost 30 minutes away. To anyone - that is a LONG distance to drive just for a good babysitter. It made me feel good to know I knew and liked the girl who was babysitting our kids though, so we stuck with her for a couple years.
Most recently a girl who I had in my "Achievement Day Girls" group 4 years ago turned 12. At the time she was an eager, bright, polite, fun little 8 year old. She has of course got older - as kids are likely to do. I was talking to her mom a couple weeks ago and she mentioned how mature Jenna has become, how much responsibility she's taken on at school and home, how her baby was no longer - a baby. I asked her if she thought Jenna was old enough to babysit and she said she definitely thought she was.
So I called her up yesterday, asked her if she was busy tonight and if she'd like to come over and watch the kids for a few hours. She very enthusiastically said she'd love to.
I tell you what. Jenna was here for 4 hours. She brought along her own little "bag of fun", had the kids asleep by 8:30, had unloaded the dishwasher, put away all the kids toys and was reading a book when we got back from our date. Since Jenna's only 12 she thinks $5/hr was a great deal. Which means she not only did more with my kids and to my house than the other older babysitters we've had - she was half as much. Ladies and gentleman - I have officially found our new babysitter. Dont' think I'll be sharing this info with other moms in the ward ... is that selfish? Kill or be killed, ladies!

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Jenie said...

Heck no! You find someone good you hold on to them at all cost!