Friday, May 18, 2007


I bet none of you had any idea that a grocery cart collision could feel just as a car crash does. Yessiree, folks, it's true!
This afternoon I cruised into the local Tom Thumb (Safeway, Texas style) with the kids. As usual, the kids climbed into one of the carts that has the "car" built into the front - which, by the way, makes them all but immobile unless you are going completely straight at all times. But it keeps the kids entertianed, most of the time.
Half way through our trip, Ms. R had crawled out of the front portion to "help" me find various items. Still walking, I'd turned around to make sure she was keeping up ... a lady coming out of another isle (she apparently had been side tracked by magazine titles) and I SLAMMED carts into one another. Whiplash. Seriously. I saw stars.
On a more pleasant note, I have also decided to start buying plants, flowers, ect ... because I like them. My grandma Jones gave me the idea and I agree. It's time to stop hoping someone will buy them for me and start doing nice things for myself. This last trip I got a flowering plant with the prettiest purple blossoms. I fell in love with it.

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Anonymous said...

yes nice plant, the next thing you have to do is remember the names of them so that maybe other can get some too. love, killer of plants