Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm sure you've all just been DYING for another post, since it's been FOREVER since I wrote last ... So here goes:
My mom offered to drive back down to Texas with me this trip so I wouldn't have to go it alone again- which I am forever grateful for. It's awesome to have an adult in the car to talk with, comment on passing things to, check out monuments with, share the task of driving with, ect. We stretched the drive out to four days - which, we agreed, was just too long. After doing it a few different ways, I think the 3 day/10 hour day way is the best way over all to do it.
We arrived in Texas on Friday, spent the night at my house then scooted over to Canton to do some serious shopping at First Monday (largest flea market in the world). Jerry took the kids for the day, which was a nice break for me - and a nice way for him to reconnect with the kids after almost 2 months apart.
My mom and I had talked about fun things to do while she was here this time and I suggested going to Galveston for a couple of days. She's never been to the Gulf of Mexico and I've never been this early in the season - so it was decided. After a 5 hour drive, we arrived on Galveston Island around 3. Which gave us PLENTY of time to splash around in the gulf for a couple of hours, back to the hotel's pool for an hour or so ... then hit the bed. Mom and I were WAY more tired than the kids were. The second day we found ourselves on the beach (surprised?) all day. The kids are at the perfect age for the ocean this year. I've taken them a couple times in preceding years and I was the only one that wanted to still be there after a couple hours. This year we had to bribe them with a swim in the pool (which was literally across the street from the beach) in order to get them away from the water and sand. It was fantastic.
After a quick swim in the hotel pool this morning, we were on our way again. We stopped for lunch at the Sam Houston memorial statue that stands outside of Huntsville - the pictures of that are on mom's camera - so you'll have to wait for what we took with that.
This evening Jerry and I took the kids over to his friend Chris' house to take a look at the kittens he's offered to give us. After looking them over, I'm not too sure we won't be bringing home two. Ms. R is in love with a tabby and I am in love with a calico - so we'll see. Jerry is allergic to cats, so it's a surprise he's agreed to this at all. I hate to push him when he's making this kind of sacrifice. But I really do love that calico ...
Not sure what is on the horizon tomorrow, I'll keep you up to date though!

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