Saturday, May 26, 2007

Date Update

Haha, I was so excited about telling you about Jenna I forgot to tell you what we did on the date.
We went out for supper (in my books, it's not a date if food isn't involved) at On the Border, then headed over to a couple pet stores to check out prices on cat paraphernalia for Ms. R's birthday present. Jerry decided since we were already out without the kids we should just get it all last night. His favorite thing to mutter as we were gathering up all the goodies was, "There's no such thing as a free cat ..." I had the unfortunate duty of telling him that the stuff we were piling in the cart was just the start. We would still need to get the kitties shots and "fixed", which will be a couple hundred dollars. "Really? It's going to cost that much?" Haha, poor kid, had no idea what he was getting into.
However, as we were looking around the pet store, he became pretty fascinated by the fish. As much as I think they stink ... I guess if he wants some, we'll be loading up on them too. And B-Man wants a puppy - Jerry is warming up to that idea too. We have the possibility of going from a house with no pets to a house with too many.


Jenie said...

You opened the door. All bets are off now.

kimer said...

Pets can really be fun and such good companions. I remember dressing up our barn cats in doll clothes and putting them in our strollers. Rhiannon's is going to love her birthday present.
Love ya