Monday, March 16, 2009


At my niece Terina baptism's my mom had a picture taken of my brother, sister, myself and her taken. To summarize what I saw in the picture ... it's not something I would post on the internet. No matter how much I like the people in it.
To encourage myself to eat better, drink more water and excercise harder I copied the picture out and posted it on my fridge with these words written under it:

GAK! Stop the Pain!
-Drink Water
-eat sensibly
-Exercise more

My son, the paper addict, couldn't let the opprotunity pass.

The first day I noticed these words added:

GAK! Stop the Pain!
-Drink Water (Rhiannon)
-eat sensibly (truck)
-Exercise more (Brogan)

It's funny ... because Ms. R does need to drink more water. If you don't eat sensibly, you could become a truck. B-man would LOVE to exercise more. And I DO need to be in bed more! At least I need to SLEEP more.

But then he just kept adding ... and this is where the paper is at tonight:

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Trina said...

Kids are so funny. They definitely make life more interesting. Dang we live in different states. I guess I'll still be doing my own dishes- the never ending battle. lol.