Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mosters vs. Aliens

After month of "Mom, can we go to Monsters Aliens?" (Can I just take a minute to express how much I hate marketing executives?) Monsters vs. Aliens was released to theaters on Friday. Since I'm all about getting my kids off my back ... I mean giving my kids a treat from time to time, we headed to the Movie Tavern that very day. I love the Movie Tavern; it offers you REAL food options for decent prices while you watch your movie of choice. Which means all the money I'd be spending on popcorn and candy gets spent on a meal instead. Brilliant!
The movie itself was pretty cute. The 3D version is kind of over rated, to be honest. I'd definitely suggest going to the "regular" version however.


wendy said...

I only see these things when I tend my grandkids and they have bought the DVD. some of them are pretty goo----I did NOT like Walley, it was boring. Love the Incredibles.

mom said...

oh ya, get your kids off your back , you LOVE going place and doing things with your kids.