Friday, March 13, 2009

Are They Smarter than We were?

So today Ms. R's class got into a discussion about presidencies, what it takes to be one, what you would do to be one, what makes a good one, what others have done, ect. As they were brain storming, the teacher wrote their ideas on the whiteboard. Take a look at some of the things these kids said. I honestly do not think I knew this much information about what went on in a presidents life or what he/she had to do on the campaign trail till I was in high school. Maybe not even then.
It's a possibility that these kids are just more aware because the election run happened over the last year or so, when all of them have been of an age to understand and sometimes comprehend what is going on.
The struggle between woman and man. White and black. Good verses evil.
I was pretty blown away by the scope of presidential knowledge a bunch of 6-7 year old's have.

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