Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Honorable Mention

Ms. R has consistently made the "A/B Roll" at school this year.
Including this report card.
Way to go Ms. R.
Way to go, Krista.
A fact that I personally take a little pride in, as the person watching out for her homework, pushing her a little harder, bringing home extra assignments to help boost her average in lagging areas ...
But since when did the "Honorable Mention" list become the A/B Roll?
Is that a U.S. thing?
Are they trying to make the kids who haven't quite made the "A Roll" list feel better?
Why not just the "B Roll"?
Or the "Try Harder Next Time" roll?
Haha. Kidding.
I know most of the kids on the a/b roll are trying their darnedest.


Jenie said...

Way to go!

mom said...

I know you're a great mom and help all you can. Way to go Krista and Ms R loves to please so shes gonna do her best. Way to go Rhiannon!

The Bui's said...

I love how they have a roll of any kind. Do they display it somewhere at school. Positive reinforcement always good.