Sunday, March 22, 2009


That's right.
I'm going all "Naturopath"
(lol... heck, I don't even know if I spelt that right!)
on you.
the captain of team resistance.
the kid who thought McD's was a haven of all that is good and right in the world (until I had kids of my own).

Getting B-man to sleep and getting him to STAY asleep has been an "issue" since ... let's say ... BIRTH.
Seriously, he stopped napping at like 6 months.
He nearly crucified me.
Stick a stake in me, I was DONE.
Apparently sleeplessness and night waking is a common issue with Autistc kids.
Say that all you want,
it doesn't help the parent who is up with the child and waking up with the child feel any better. Not at all.
Not even a little bit.
"Oh gee, other parents are also suffering sleepless nights and being woken up 4 times thereafter also. That makes me feel so much better."
No, no it doesn't.
It doesn't make you feel any less alone.
Any less TIRED.
Any less frustrated.

Last week I hit my limit.
I could put up with him not going to sleep till 1am and sleeping (off and on) till 11am. He has afternoon school, so he had time to wake up, have breakfast and get on the bus. Figured we'd worry about the 7:15am wake up next year.
Much later.
Last week after the time change it was out and out ridiculous. He was staying awake, laying in the dark, singing, telling himself stories, listing off animals, letters, colors, people ... until 3am.
Then I had to drag him out of bed just before the bus came, shove some apples in his back pack for breakfast and send him off on the bus.
Not so much working.
For him or me.
I have been contemplating Melatonin for ... months now.
However, the smallest dose I could find at the common grocery store was not advised for people under 12.
I wasn't going to just cut it in half and take my chances.
The phsycologist who diagnosed B-man with Autism suggested either liquid or chewable, available at health food stores.
I found some 1mg Cherry flavored quick disolving tabs at GNC.
Last night was our first night.
Gave them to him at 7:45am.
He was OUT by 8:58pm.
Woke once to join me in my bed at 11pm.
Slept till 10am this morning.
Thought, "eh, it may have been a fluke.
He's been a wee bit sick, maybe his body is just recovering."
So I gave it to him again tonight.
One tab at 7:36pm.
Asleep by 8:48pm.
I'll let you know if he wakes up tonight.
Until then ... I'm going to
I don't know
go all crazy
and go to sleep myself!


Lindsey Rae said...

Interesting. I've never tried Melatonin. I will ask my Dr. about it next time I see her. Something that she has never suggested. I've got several diagnosed sleep disorders so I can understand what both you and your son are experiencing. It's extremely debilitating to live your life with a sleep disorder.

Just curious, will they prescribe sleeping pills to a kid his age?

You should check out the website
They have a good forum on many sleep disorders, problems and treatments and you can find lots of good information from other people's experiences there. I really recommend it.

Becka. said...

I swear by it. It saved me in Ireland as far as turning my sleep around. The only side effect is crazy dreams......:)

mom said...

I am SO GLAD that it is working for both him and MOSTLY you. Sweet Dreams.

Krista said...

I am not too sure if they prescribe sleep meds to kids. I have honestly never looked into it. I only tried out Melatonin because it's a "naturally occurring herb".
He hasn't woke up groggy or cranky the last two mornings. It's a MIRACLE.