Sunday, March 1, 2009


After the conference was done today my cousin Coreen and her friend Erin - who both live in Victoria, came to Vancouver to meet me so we could do some shopping and eating . That's four hours on either a bus or ferry. They're so dedicated ;)
I haven't seen Coreen in at least 10 years.
there was an instant connection.
Between myself, Coreen and Erin there was chatter non-stop as we shopped, stopped for cupcakes, shopped, stopped for bigger cupcakes, shopped, looked for a place to eat, ate.
Erin took a couple shots of Coreen and I.
Both looking drowned from the rain that had fallen constantly as we walked up and down Robson and Denman.
Not really caring that our hair was rather ridiculous.
The first was was without the flash ... I am so jealous of Coreen's eyes. They are so beautiful and wide open.
I seriously cannot smile without my eyes squinting almost closed.
It was a great afternoon. I can't wait till this summer when I get to see her again!

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mom said...

I am so glad you guys hit it off. It's really nice to see you getting to know a little of my family.