Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can say, at this point, that I am having a love affair with Melatonin and a son who is asleep by 9pm.
Yesterday morning he woke up at 6:57am with his sister. Stayed awake and stayed happy till I gave him another Melatonin at 7:48pm.
He was asleep by 8:48pm.
Slept till 7:33am this morning.

Immediate side effects I am noticing?

Jerry and I have time to talk in the evenings without me intermittently calling out, "GO BACK TO BED!", "STOP CLIMBING THE WALLS!", "IF I HAVE TO COME DOWN THERE, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THE RESULTS!", "DO NOT WAKE UP YOUR SISTER!" ... It's bliss.

He's more thoughtful and helpful. While he's naturally so, he's starting to think outside the box when a situation arises. This morning he wanted me to lay with him a few minutes while he woke up, having already made Ms. R breakfast, packed her lunch and just waiting for her to be ready to do her hair I had time to oblige. So I lay down beside him. He immediately started covering me up with a blanket then noticed his dad had the majority of it trapped around his body. Instead of pulling and tugging and grunting as I expected him to do, he sat up, appraised the situation, grabbed another blanket that his father was not swaddled in (I kid you not, the man is a blanket hog) and proceeded to cover me with that one.

I'm going to try it for a week then take a break and see if he just needed to be put on a schedule. I'll let you know how it goes.


Jenie said...

That is great news!!!!

Dawn said...

So happy this is working for you=) Maybe you should spike Jerrys Dew with it;) Get him on a regular sleep schedule, like he's a real person not a vampire lol.