Monday, March 16, 2009

Out with the Old

Several years ago, when Jerry and I were first married his mother, brother, sister in law and nephew were planning a trip over to Europe. I lamented how much fun that would be and pretty much left it at that.
To say that we were poor would be generous.
However, Jerry and his parents worked out some kind of deal that to this day I am not sure what all it entailed, and I was able to go along with them.
Being extremely aware of our money situation I only picked up one souvenir for myself in Germany, a set of hand made wooden Christmas decorations that were like $13. However, when we were in Paris, Linda and I went into a neighborhood convenience store for something or other and I saw a 12 inch Teflon skillet that was right around $5. I couldn't NOT get it. To this day, I have always had a fondness for that skillet because it represented the relationship Linda and I developed on that trip. Yep, went to Paris and brought me back ... a skillet. And a mother in law who is to this day, a dear friend.
However, most of my skillets have seen their best days. They are scratched and bent and cook unevenly.Yesterday I started the gradual process of replacing them. One by one.Good ol' "Paree" has warmed his last tortilla. Poached his last egg. Browned his last pancake...


Trina said...

The skillet may be gone, luckily, you still have the memories, bonds and experience of that vacation to stick with you-long after the skillet is toast.

Thanks for the comment. Glad you stopped by.

The Nice One said...

What a lovely story!