Monday, March 16, 2009


A side story to the previous post:

Jerry has asked relatively little of me our whole relationship. So generally, when he asks for something, I try to do my hardest to accommodate him. I'm just that awesome. Wait, does stating I'm awesome decrease my awesomeness? Bah! Maybe HE'S that awesome for being so undemanding. Whatever.

His first and thus far biggest request, was his wedding band. He asked me to get him an aircraft grade titanium wedding band. He even picked out the exact one he wanted. It cost me thousands of dollars. Thousands. Many many more than one. More than 20x's what he paid for my engagement ring. At the time, I thought, "This will probably be the last thing I ever buy him with my own money, so I can justify the expense. While, he on the other hand will spend the rest of his known life supporting me." (Wahahahahaha!!)

However, just now, out of curiosity, I looked into what titanium rings cost now.

The most expensive one I could find was $400.

Oh no, my friends, I DID NOT leave off any zeros.

Four HUNDRED. Dollars. Not Yen, Rupees, Rubles, Forint, Rand, Pounds, Francs, Afghanis, Leke, Dinars, Pesos, Shillings, Taka, Reais, Leva, Colones, Kuna, Koruny, Kroner, Marks, Guilders, Krooni, Markkaa, Drachmae, Rials, Lire, Won, Ringgits, Liri, Dirhams, Zlotych, Escudos, Lei ... (don't you just HATE IT when people go over board to make a point?)

Though it would have been cool if I could have paid in Rand.

So I could say I got a little Randy.

Poor joke, I know.

Apparently, I should have waited like 10 years to get married.

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