Wednesday, June 18, 2008

White House

So this morning I was listening to talk radio (yeah, I have NO IDEA how that happened either) and there is this huge "kerfuffle" going on around something a representative or senator or some other randomly placed Texas guy in government. I think it's a GOP ... but I'm not entirely sure what a GOP is. Or maybe it was a pin at the GOP convention here in Texas... Anyway ... I guess they are coming under A LOT of criticism for this: Standing at the fringes of it all, I find it kind of funny. More in the absurd "I can't believe some old guy said that ..." type of amusement. I mean, my grandpa Jones was one of the biggest racists I knew. One Easter I was dating a guy named Stan Black, it just so happened that my parents and I were going over to my grandparents for the holiday - I invited Stan to come with us. My grump was appalled that I was bringing a black man to HIS house. So when we walked up to his house and Stan in all his caucasian glory shook my grumps hand, he glared over to me and practically shouted, "I thought you were bringing home a black boy." I had to laugh, then explained "Yeah grumps - Stan. Stan BLACK. That's his name."

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mom said...

thats utterly ridiculous, the comment and the attitude