Thursday, June 12, 2008

*The Other Boleyn Girl*

Truly, I am hard to make happy. If it's on Oprah's book club list, I am not likely to read it. If it's become a movie, it's a safe bet that I will not read it. If it's been on the New York Times best seller list, I am suspicious of it. So the other day when I went to the library and I saw "The Other Boleyn Girl" sitting there in all it's post-major-movie-making glory I really wanted to resist it. I resented that they had changed the cover from it's original to the movie poster cover. However, I am in love with that era. Everything about it enthralls me; I love the majesty and the uncertainty, the romance and brutality.
This book was written so well. The author made the 1500's come alive with her imagery, it felt like you were walking through the royal gardens, dancing in the royal court, sitting in the queens compartments with the "players" in question. I thoroughly enjoyed this different point of view. Written, seemingly through the eyes of Henry the VIII'th mistress, then sister in law (same person just different times in her life) it brings a perspective that you don't really consider until it's brought to enlightenment as it is in this book. All in all, I loved this book. It was looooong and involved. However, I kept my head and NEVER stayed up past 2 am reading it ;)

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Lindsey Rae said...

I haven't read this one yet, because I'm waiting to get it in an audio book, but I've read a lot of Philippa Gregory's other books. They're pretty good. However, if you like Tudor history Alison Weir is the best.