Monday, June 16, 2008

*Of Men and Their Mothers*

Tina and Jenie, you'd both be so proud of how I have been sticking to only picking out books at the library. After deeper contemplation, the library route for most books is the easiest, cheapest, most accessable way to go. Up until this month, I was spending at least $40 a month of books at the Half Price Book store, generally speaking, considering how many books I read in a month - this is a good deal. However, when you consider all but a few I simply turn around and sell back to the book store at a fraction of the price I bought them for ... it's not such a good investment. I'm not like Dawn and have a collection - I rarely read any book more than once.
This was an amusing, light read I found in the front racks of the library. About a divorced woman who still has to deal with her ex-MIL of the mama's boy she divorced to keep relations civil for her 16 year old son. How she deals with the excessively frustrating woman, her son and his new girlfriend and trying to be as unlike her ex-MIL as possible and move on her her life career wise and romantically. This book probably isn't for everyone. It's kind of awkward at parts, but over all rather amusing.


Jenie said...

I am proud that you are using the Library!

TinaLaRae said...

Libraries(?)are great! I have the A Touch of Grace on hold for me at my library, hope it comes soon.