Sunday, June 8, 2008

*A Touch of Grace*

I had no intention of reading a Christian novel. I really didn't. However, as I was perusing the books at the library (proud of me?) the other day the cover called out to me. It was simple, with a hint of longing in it. It seems that lately I have had a bit of longing in me too, so it appealed.
The is another book in a series of recent books that do not really follow what the back cover says they should be like. It's suppose to be a book about a girl named Grace (hence the title), her life and how two men kind of mold her choices. However, I found it to be more about the aunt of this girl, the way two families work a farm together in the early 1900's North Dakota, how the town works, the evolving relationships between various people ... THEN about Grace. It seems to barely skims the relationship between the title character and the two men who supposedly cause her so much self reflection.
Though it was not as it was presented, I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed being reminded of just how easy we have it in this day and age. I felt for the families as bad things happened, I rejoyced with them when they triumphed in small things. The author successfully conveyed relationships between people in the simple gestures they shared, the private thoughts they had and love of the way they lived.
(I think you may really like this book, Tina)


mom said...

it looks like a good book, I like the cover

Mandy said...

hey, mentioning the Christian Book thing made me think of a book I read recently that I really liked. I would suggest it to any woman. It was called "The Last Storyteller" by Diane Noble.

TinaLaRae said...

Thanks Krista I will be looking for it here. Hey and I am proud of you! The Library is a great place!